Omg, more fires?!

But it sounds like you’re taking it in stride and have a lot of local support. Plus the excellent advice from Wade!

Sending you lots of love and encouragement!!💖😘

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Great blog.. good ideas from Wade on fire and using animals to graze.

Some thoughts while reading.. you prob already know all this but will comment anyway..!

Some research suggests to not replant trees but to let the regrowth and regeneration of trees happen naturally. Its thought to be more successful as long as there are trees nearby to provide seeds and not too many grazing deer to destroy regrowth. Also, leave dead trees standing or laying for biodiversity, as they are important ecosystem for insects, fungi, and therefore birds.

If planting, It’s important to only plant with native trees from the local area. They will be better at supporting the local wildlife (and not introducing invasive species). Maybe worth speaking to a local Portuguese ecologist or to someone from the team at Rewilding Portugal. https://rewilding-portugal.com/who-we-are/.

Good luck w all!

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Sorry you have suffered some further fire flare ups and lost the cork oak tree. We have a local shepherd who moves his goat and sheep flock around our local valleys grazing the very dry ground. Mutually beneficial to both owner and him. Re the thoughts on a pre-used tractor a friend bought one plus carry box, plough and large plate "splatter" (sic) from a company called Trator Simões in Sesimbra. They delivered to him near Óbidos and offered excellent after sales service. One interesting point is you can't make a tractor road legal retrospectively. Road legal ones are significantly more expensive. Boa sorte to you both.👍

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Hey Alistair and Ana, sending love and good wishes as you start on your new blank canvass (or should that be black canvass.

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