Hello Alastair, thank you for your kind feedback.

Do you have some email which I can forward you some documentation?

I understand that your are tied up. Anyway if you know someone interested that would like to participate as a Co-founder/ Investor so that I can go beyond the prove of concept, I would really appreciate.

All the support that I can get, to solve the most pressing challenge which is the shortage of drinking water, in a sustainable manner so that the human kind can prevail on the earth for a longer time, I would be happy. B/R Luís

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Hello Alastair, my name is Luís Gonçalves from Portugal near to Lisbon. I consider myself as an Aquapreneur and currently fighting to move ahead with my start-up, I mean, to go beyond of the proof of concept to desalinate seawater. Please take a look into my pitch video: https://lnkd.in/dSiFkgxn.

Currently looking for Co-founder and Investor.... can you assist in some way ? Please take also a look into my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/fata-morgana-start-up/

If I could awake you some curiosity I can send you more details on this.

B/R Luís

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Great update Alastair. You are making such great progress! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Very sorry to hear about the loss of Ana’s dad. He was a hero and an inspiration.

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Thank you so much as always for a fantastic blog, I do so enjoy them. Welcome to your new addition as well. Have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy the celebrations. A very Happy New Year. With love, Annie x x x

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