I would stay there! I'm an adventurous traveler but also middle-aged. Less of a backpacker than I used to be, more of a flashpacker. So that sounds perfect.

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Well with all ventures you have ups and downs and moments of doubt about the future and your own abilities to bring things to fruition. You have to be determined enough to get through such periods and have a back up plan should something unexpected happen, such as how can you limit the problems of a difficult builder! I hope everything does fall into place for you and you make a great success.

I know it isn’t easy attracting ‘paying guests’ and they can be incredibly difficult, too difficult for me that I gave up any further thoughts of renting out our villa in Brazil……it was too much trouble! On the other hand I know a Belgium lady that made quite a good success of marketing and attracting Europeans to her ‘pousada’ in a remote part of Bahia but she was much better at interacting with people than I am. She was a presenter on Belgium radio in a former life ( one she has just resumed after many years in Brazil. Anyway, attracting people to a ‘remote area’ in Portugal as got to be a lot easier. And many British people live Portugal ….. so if you are determined then I think you have a good chance of success.

Boa sorte meu amigo

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Hi Alastair, as a traveller ( ex tour operator ) with her wings clipped at moment, I love reading your blogs, thank you. As part of my work I was often in remote places ( in Southern Africa) and the small owner run properties in the midst of nowhere were a treat with true travellers. Simple style reflecting the interior decor of the country, simple but comfy furniture , an en-suite, a patio with chairs .... and as mentioned by another , a side room where by a second member of family or indeed two ladies travelling together but not wanting to share a room can sleep without incurring double room charges . Are you planning to offer meals so your guests can dine with you and feed on the gastronomic pleasures of the area ?

I’ve already opened up the map and tried to figure how to get to you and where would I contrast a stay with ! Being part of a circuit of similar properties helps creative planning for independent travellers. Dual promotions between 2 or 3 lodges. ....

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Great blog Alastair, but I wonder what sort of clientele you will attract?

Great location!

Robert and Mallory Stockfis

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